Who We Are

Why Us?


All our Inks are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. Safe to use in differents spaces.

Long Lasting and Eco-friendly inks for indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor ink can last up to 10+ years and outdoor ink under sun exposure up to 5+ years.

We can print on Various surfaces from Gypsum to concrete.

We can print on your wall for the fraction of the price of any vinyl contractor.

High-resolution and excellent UV printing that adjust for uneven surfaces.

Becoming an Authorized Dealer

Do you provide services to clients where a wall printer would be an easy way to generate additional income? Have you always wanted to own and run your own business? CONTACT US TODAY !

At Wall Shapes, We want to Provide an opportunity for people to make a great business with a new and exciting technology.

Authorize dealers can use wall shapes branding or create their own branding. 

With an initial Set-up fee of $47,200, no inventory to carry, no need for a storefront. 

Total Numbers of authorized dealers per City are currently 1.

We also offer an operating fee with marketing. To see the operation fee options, Please Email at sales@wallshapes.ca

What's included in the Initial set-up fee:

  1. one wall printer & Track 15 Ft

  2. Two Print heads

  3. Full ink set: 3000-4000 SF ( Enough to generate over $60K in revenue)

  4. Right to market and sell services anywhere in the city and surrounding areas you purchased

  5. Notation on our website as an authorized dealer

  6. Option for your own branding

  7. 1-day training (in our Calgary office)

  8. Regular collaboration calls to discuss marketing and ideas

  9. Not a Franchise. No Royalties or revenue shares

We are Limiting the number of wall printers